Saturday, 1 July 2017

Reflection and Planning

Term 2 Struggle
Having to support learners at the Nu’u to be independent while I carry out testing - PROBE and GLOSS, was a real struggle for me during the first 5 weeks of term 2.

I planned and supported my learners to create daily learning plan. With this idea, I gave my learners independence and choice within a frame work. They have a choice of what they will work on as long they complete the learning task set for the day. Week 1  was spend orientating them to how we were going to work in the next 4 to 5 weeks. Week 2 - testing began. This was a real struggle. The noise level was huge, the interaction was more soical than learning behaviour. Had to constantly re-direct my learners. What’s next?
However, new information surfaced from this test and working one to one. There is a huge need for development of talking about learning. TALK, TALK, TALK. To have their thinking visible. So I searched for support.

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