Sunday, 22 November 2020

Burst n Bubble 2020

I alway struggled with the 3 minutes to share what happened in the whole year. However, I have recorded myself. 

Where to next? I am going to continue doing this but bring in the year 5 to 8 and make it a whole space focus. 


Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Friday, 16 October 2020

The Class Novel

Holes by Louis Sachar : a Novel Study Guide 

During the holidays, I gave the year 6 & 7 learners this book to read. Some did read the , but not completed. I had a conversation with them and most said, they did not have time to read.  So I made this book a class reading book. Everyone read, including my Year 8 which are my focus group for my inquiry.

We started the term with our usual routine - the day begins with a book and end with a book - We have 15 minutes silent reading,  3 times a day. We all read together quietly. I read to the class a couple of pages every day too. 

As part of the home learning, they  read for  30 minutes, silently.

By Thursday, I have majority of my students telling me that they completed the book.  

A strong message in this reading and situation - The book is interesting and suitable for the age group. Some the event in the story is relatable to some readers. 

On and all, When we give the students time to read and to read something they like, they will be reading. They will have pleasure in reading.