Thursday, 1 September 2016

31 August
Tipping tradition on its head - From a conversation with the group of mothers at the Ako Fakataha, it brought to light that what we are doing is tipping the tradition on its head.  This means that through the Aka Fakataha, there is a shift in the mindset of these mothers.  The kids have a voice and they are heard and not just seen.  

Thanks to Sharon Middleton who ignite this conversation and lit the fire.  Greater movement started with less.  Ako Fakataha started from the garage and we are confident it will grow.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Digital Immersion PLG

It is always refreshing to attend the Maniakalani PLG and never come back empty handed.  SHARING FOR LEARNING was capturing for me.  Sharing has to begin with me. 
How transparent am I as a teacher and a learner? 
We explored how to create an inforgarphic to share our learning and our students learning in a creative way.
I created this inforgraphic to show SPX Blog Viewers.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Ako Fakaktaha

The launch of the Ako Fakataha Project.
On  Monday  7 of Marcy 2016 at 6pm, the first meeting of the families participated in the projects.  Eight families gathered No 2 Camp Rd, Panmure.  The gathering was at the Uhia’s family garage.  
The principal and teachers from SPX were all there.  The chairperson of the Board was there.  
Councillor Josephine Bartley was the invited guest of the meeting.  
Father Setefano, blessed the gathering and the project.  He reminded the parents, the importance to educate our children for they are the future of the family, future of the church and future of the society.

It was a great gathering. The 8 families and children were buzzing with excitement.  They were at home with where the meeting was held.  The meeting was led by the parents .

The Launch

The Launch

Building a Learning Partnership with Parents

Based on the MOE Pasifika Education Plan,  I had the opportunity to work with Dallas Graham from Cognition Education to design SPX Paskifa Plan for 2016-2018.

One of the focus area that really interest me is BUILDING THE LEARNING PARTNERSHIP WITH PARENTS.

Home School Partnership has been around for decades.  Parents come to school for meetings to do with supporting their children's learning.                I see BUILDING THE LEARNING PARTNERSHIP WITH PARENTS as a different way of reaching out to parents.  Instead of parents coming to school, the school goes to the parents.

This is when the idea of the AKO FAKATAHA PROJECT WAS BORN.
(30 September 2015)