Friday, 9 February 2018

Language in Abundance

First CoL Meeting for 2018 - 8 February
What resonate with me in this very first meeting was the assurance from Mr Burt of my role as a CoL person - To conduct a mean as inquiry at my level in a subject area of my choice with LANGUAGE IN ABUNDANCE as the lens.

Dr Jannie Van Hees shed lights on LANGUAGE IN ABUNDANCE and what it means to us as teachers.
The questions were asked -
What language offers a person’s learning?

How Learning offers language capability?

Listening to Dr Jannie and her explanation, I thought of my learners who will journey with me this year. Some are new to me and some were with me last year.
Jannie's explanation and examples painted a picture of my learners and the questions lingered in my head - What do I need to do to have language in abundance with my learners?

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