Sunday, 29 October 2017

Term 4 Rolling In - Feeling Successful

Term 4 Week 1  & 2 
Empower my learners by giving them decision -making power.
Learners were given topics of learning to choose from. For example during maths, I conduct a workshop on a topic, an expert in maths conduct a workshop on a different topic, the other teacher did another topic or students choose to work independently from the class site. 
This was amazing. There was buzzing noise of learners talking about their choices and learning.  I wish I have done this earlier.
On the other hand, I have learners that need support in making decision about what their learning need.  Again, this worked particularly well with maths. 
Writing was great too. We run workshops on different elements of writing. Thanks to R.Anderson from PB school for her writing slides.

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