Saturday, 4 March 2017

Gathering Evidence

Sharing with Parents
Can’t leave parents participation to chance.
I invited my parents to our learning space. I put out this statement for discussion.

“Help me to empower your child to act on his/her learning.”

I have 35 learners - 32 families.
22 families turned up to our sharing evening on the 2 March. Every parent was able to share on how can we support our students to have power to act on their learning.
It was a buzzing evening, where parents and students talked about LEARNING
According to Y. Kim / Educational Research Review 4 (2009) 80–102 the parents in the school as an important factor in children’s academic achievement,

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  1. Hi Ana, I agree completely that parents are important ... vital ... to the success of our children. Great to see your parents attending your meeting and asking for their ideas.